The gorilla and the paint by Owen27-01-2014 | 17:08:09 | No Comments


An old gorilla hated his fur. He always dreamed of having pink fur. One day he stomped through the forest and found a bicycle. He road back to the village. All the other animals were riding cars and trains. So the gorilla went back to his cave sadly. On the floor of the cave there was a beautiful can of spray paint.

All the animals were shocked as a Bright pink bike travelled down the road. The gorilla felt grand. He was so happy he painted himself pink. He laughed loudly and stayed to play. Continue reading »

The Gorillas by Mollie Martin27-01-2014 | 17:07:12 | No Comments


On a hot summer’s day, my mum decided I would go to the zoo with my friends. The sun was shining his beams we took our bicycle with us. We arrived at the the grand zoo. As we rode our pink bicycle past the elephants, they  squirted water at us , we  also rode down by the lions cage where children were screaming and running around the place, but the most funniest moment was when the gorillas were doing handstands! Mum asked if we had a great time. We all laughed so hard it hurt our tummies. It was a great day out!

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100WC – The Grand Pink Gorilla By Mollie S27-01-2014 | 17:05:31 | No Comments

The Grand Pink Gorilla

One warm summers evening I decided that I would go for a little walk through the woods before dark came around. Shortly after I had set off, I heard a rustle in the bush behind me. I saw a patch of pink gorilla. I screamed and started running! The gorilla came cycling after me on its bicycle, laughing away. It looked very grand with its smooth pink fur. Then suddenly I tripped! I started crying hiding my face so it wouldn’t see me and remember me. I didn’t know what was going to happen next… Continue reading »

100 word challenge custard Ruby27-01-2014 | 17:02:48 | No Comments

It was dark; the moon shimmered in the puddles below. It was peaceful until I woke up to the sound of a shriek. I couldn’t fall asleep again so I went down my houses’ creaky, wooden stairs and opened the fridge. I felt a chill roll down my spine as a breeze of cool air came out. I got a pot of custard and carefully closed the fridge. I got a silver spoon and started to eat. The custard tasted like dog spit but I ate it anyway. I heard my door open. I froze in the spot. The figure got closer and closer…

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100 WC Custard by Iqra Samad27-01-2014 | 17:01:15 | No Comments

The day before the end of the world


It was on a sunny day when I had just woken up for school,  I had to go and eat my breakfast. For breakfast  I had to have custard, the custard tasted like a sweet, creamy cake. After my breakfast I watched the news on telly, it said, “the scientist found out the world will end today or tomorrow at 13:00!” After that I went to school, in school we did lots of art, soon it was 13:00! A rumbling came…there was a massive bomb and it shot the whole school…. Continue reading »

The pink bicycle! by: Abbey Murphy27-01-2014 | 16:59:34 | No Comments

One day, on a warm, summer’s morning a little girl woke up to a colossal cardboard box on the door step. At that moment in time her mother was making breakfast, “Mum, there’s a big box on the front door step!” yelled the girl. “Oh I forgot about that it’s for you!” replied mum. Quickly the girl went over to the box and ripped it open with all her might! “WOW, it’s a pink bicycle!” The grand gorilla laughed, “Ha ha that’s a horrible bike!” “NO its not!” squealed the girl.

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The grand pink gorilla 100wc by Morgan27-01-2014 | 16:57:46 | No Comments

There once was a gorilla named Boo he was racing in the grand in prix on his bicycle and was winning the race on his pink bike and then a car hit the gorilla. The gorilla was injured and went to the hospital, the doctors said “you are not allowed to go back in the grand prix” and the gorilla started to laughed and he went to his mum and said can I stay with you…? Continue reading »

The grand pink gorilla by Ruby27-01-2014 | 16:56:41 | No Comments

The grand pink gorilla

The moon covered the coal coloured sky. I was heading to my bed for sleep after a tiring day. I looked around my room and sat in my bed. I was about to close my tired eyes when I heard a loud creaking sound from under my bed. I peered under my bed, where I saw a grand pink gorilla who laughed on a bicycle. He stared at me angrily for a while and suddenly ran away through a door that sealed when he left. I sat in my bed and wondered about what happened. Then my alarm went off. Continue reading »

100 wc !The new Twilight!By Delaney Beamon27-01-2014 | 16:54:46 | No Comments



I always knew I would die but not like this, let’s take it back a bit, “Who’s that?” Bella said. WAIT……  THIS IS NOT IT. It was just a normal day in my town, but was it? I  was just on my way to the airport, I was going to live with my  dad Charlie, he was the chief of police . I knew I would be safe or would I? We planned to have dinner, the custard tasted like butter.

Any way back to the point my mum and her boyfriend wanted to go on the road..


To be continued…. Continue reading »

The grand pink gorilla and the bicycle by Rebecca27-01-2014 | 16:50:39 | No Comments

There once lived a grand pink gorilla who liked giggling A LOT. One hot day grand pink gorilla went on a bicycle and zoomed suddenly across a street. He laughed and laughed until he fell of the bike. Poor grand pink gorilla started to sob. Then a gentle human came and sat next to grand pink gorilla and said, “are you ok?” but all grand pink gorilla did was sob. The human slowly walked away and went in her house. Grand pink gorilla got up and shuffled along the pebbled path until he returned home with a surprise. It’s a lovely new bike. Continue reading »

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