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Air raid shelters, scared as hell,

Bombs exploding, hear that bell.

Crying, that’s all you’ll hear.

Dying people some still live on,

Evacuees have now gone.

Farewells said in the pouring rain,

Gone on a strange plain.

Hoping for a friendly face.

In the city, parents wait,

Just to see their child’s fate.

Knowing that they have arrived,

Leaves them thankful they’ve survived.

Moments they to make,

No birthday cake.

One two three, BANG!

Painting pictures in our head,

Quickly running with a needle and thread.

Raids repeating in the city,

Sirens screeching oh what a pity.

Thunder is what people try to thing the noise is.

Underground sirens,

Violent noises is all you will hear.

Why oh why are we hear,

Exit carefully and you will be ok.

Yesterday has now gone,

Zeal for life and peace lives on!



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