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WW2 poem

The lights go off

And all is still.

The silent street is disturbed.

The deadly darkness crept up on me,

I need to see the light.

Muffled screams run through the night,

All the night is full of frights.

Always darkness,

Never light.

I lost my family,

My friends,

My school,

I want it to stop!

They came down like rain

And to this day

There is no street anymore!

Across the rubble

I see what is lost,

I get to my feet only to stop!

I see a bomb and start to run,

I realize my life will be gone!

I run and run

Then trip on a brick,

I want my mum to help me.

I can’t get up

The bomb goes off

The world blows up behind me!

By Ruby

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