ww2 bombs by Ben Et05-05-2017 | 23:12:54 | No Comments

Like the rain they lash down

With a trail of fire behind them.

The trails of fire light the sky

Down the bombers fly.

The sky is broken tears flood the town

Is there anyone to help us if there is come now.

The search lights are going lower

Oh no! here comes           Hitler.

The defences fire as much as they can

But they can’t stop Hitler, the iron man.

He wears a moustache, thick and brown

Here he is with a frown, pulls out sniper


This is not the end here comes Winston with a pistol here he goes… BANG BANG!

Walls crash, bricks smash

Bombs fly, soldiers die

All is quiet all is still

11 o’clock on the 11th day

In peace we all stay

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