world war 2 poem by Owen Powell05-05-2017 | 22:32:37 | No Comments

World war 2

Children crying

People dying.

To the shelter we go

We don’t want to know.

I wish it was all over,

Or I could move to Dover.

My head is spinning



I’m going to hit the ground.

After the wait

We went to see our fait

We stepped out side

To find the bricks that was left behind!

By Owen Powell


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World war 2 poem05-05-2017 | 22:25:03 | No Comments




Always wrong never right

The British night becomes a fight

People dying, children screaming

Mainly because there’s no ceiling

Germans plot on Hitler’s lot.

Perhaps because we tied the not


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The bombs by Rebecca05-05-2017 | 22:06:00 | No Comments

                      The   Bombs

The bombs fell from the sky like hailstones

Children scared but keeping calm.

The bombs fell and rolled like doing a summer sault

The bombs blow up and they bang

The children more frightened than ever.

Silence has roamed the streets

But no one came out of their shelters.

Finally one person came out and shouted to say ALL CLEAR.

What a scary day for all but still all frightened

This day will strike again.

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The Ice Cream by Mollie Martin05-05-2017 | 22:03:01 | No Comments

This is my story, off the ice cream that changed my life. It started when I was 11 I got a blueberry ice cream or so I thought, this was no ordinary ice cream. The taste was like dog spit with a hint of blueberry-ish. My belly felt like a volcano ready to erupt. What did I eat? Now I only get the pain old classic. Vanilla with a little flake with sprinkles, surbet and all the juices, blueberry and raspberry, makes my mouth water! “ do you want a blueberry ice cream?” asked Claire “ never in a million years!” I replied

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Once upon a time there were a group of children called Class 13. They had the best teachers ever, their names were Miss Cox and Mrs Webster. They all lived happily ever after.

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WW2 poem by Elle05-05-2017 | 21:54:01 | No Comments

Sirens ripped open,

The warm silk of sleep,

Train engines as loud as fireworks.

Children wishing they didn’t have to leave,

Crying and hugging,

Bombs falling down,

Some people begging for their lives.

People said it was a storm,

But flak

Had not right sound For rain.

And later,

When I saw the hole where once my house had been,

I thought that the Nazi party were very mean.

By Elle Burrell

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